“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.”

Our Vision

At SKV, the holistic approach and format of education that we give students is unique, which involves all round skill development of our students.


Our Mission

To craft a harmonious human-being and to make the child lead value oriented life. To develop the skills of learning to learn and to understand & respect Indian culture and heritage.



Our aim is to transform the youngsters from all backgrounds into educated being and to inspire them to be responsible citizens who will be wise to serve the society. We aim to be the most exciting place in Dibrugarh in particular and in Assam in general for educational development.

The quality of learning that takes place in a school depends very much on the quality of the relationships that exist between the teachers and the students. We are very much happy that a healthy environment
persists in our school. In terms of teaching methodology, we focus on two things: doing the basics well and creating teaching and learning spaces that meet the needs of our curriculum.