Morning Assembly

The Morning Assembly helps the children to build their moral values and stay calm in difficult situation. To start the day nothing is as suitable as the prayer to the Almighty to give us innate self confidence and peace within ourselves, as said morning is the best spam to gain intellectual, physical and mental power.

School is a temple where education is imported for the better future. As believed that school is a mini society where along with importing education proper discipline obedience, cleanliness, courtesy, inner talent, character etc. are cultivated .Such  practice during Morning Assembly help us to build a person bestowed with all the great qualities.

The children start their day with proper planning significance of the day thoughts, slogan ,speech ,news headlines, amazing facts, recitation and other cultural activities guided by the teachers.

The chief Academic Director, Academic Co-ordinator, Director, Principal the Vice Principals along with the teachers try their bet to inspire the children in logical thinking and humanity.

The morning assembly is like a mirror of the school where we try to import-

  • Patience and Perseverance.
  • Honestly and loyalty towards the institution and country.
  • Develop the feeling of secularism and sovereignty.
  • Rewarding achievers to encourage them to perform better.