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Is school is having play area?2023-04-12T19:24:59+00:00

Yes, we are having vast play area, where the child become a champion.

Is there any magazine for the school?2023-04-12T19:25:04+00:00

Yes, from the past 16 year onwards school is running “SOPAANAM” magazine for the
student welfare.

Do you celebrate Annual Sports Day?2023-04-12T19:25:09+00:00

Yes, we celebrate Annual Sports meet, Matri Puja, Basanth Panchami, etc. every academic
year as per the Academic calendar.

School is having any other branches?2023-04-12T19:14:51+00:00

Yes, main branch is located in the heart of the city of Dibrugarh and other two branches
are at Bogibeel & Moran

Is it AC campus?2023-04-12T19:25:14+00:00

No, we have well designed and spacious class rooms which gives you the study

Will you provide JEE/NEET/CEE study material?2023-04-12T19:25:20+00:00

Yes we provide comprehensive & integrated study materials for JEE/NEET/CEE coaching

Do you have canteen in the school?2023-04-12T19:25:26+00:00

Yes, we are having hygienic Sampoorna Tasty Spoons canteen, which serves the students
delicious food.

Is there Library in the school?2023-04-12T19:25:30+00:00

Yes fully Air-conditioned, well-stocked library having 5000+ books.

Laboratories are available for practicals ?2023-04-12T19:25:35+00:00

Yes, we have a state of the art laboratories of computer/physics/chemistry/Biology etc.

Is there any Smart classes?2023-04-12T19:25:41+00:00

Yes, we teach technology based digital leaning through Smart classes.

Do you have any transport facility?2023-04-12T19:25:47+00:00


Do you have tuition fees?2023-04-12T19:25:51+00:00

Yes, please see our Annual Fees page for more information.

Do you accept students who do not speak any English? Or come from outside Assam?2023-04-12T19:25:56+00:00

We do accept students who do not speak any English and also students from around the
India, However, to be admitted to class VI to XII students must demonstrate English
language fluency to be admitted.

Hostel facility is available in the school?2023-04-12T19:26:01+00:00

Yes, separate hostel facility is available for both boys and girls of class XI & XII

What streams are available in class 11?2023-04-12T19:26:07+00:00

Available steams are in class 11 is Arts/Commence/Science (General)/Science (Integrated)

What is the cut-off age for Nursery class for Admission?2023-04-12T19:26:12+00:00

The cut-off age is 3 years, should be completed.

I would like to visit the school, what do I do?2023-04-12T19:26:17+00:00

Please contact our Admin office in Phone: _____________, _____________ to schedule a

Is there any separate curriculum for integrated classes?2023-04-12T19:26:24+00:00

Yes, multi-level teaching with respect to student's performance in the concerned subjects.

What courses are available in integrated coaching classes?2023-04-12T19:26:29+00:00

The SKV providing JEE-mains/NEET/CEE, integrated coaching classes with well experienced

How do you place students?2023-04-12T19:26:34+00:00

There are several criteria considered when placing student. The alignment of the student's
previous performance of education with that of SKV, the hemisphere in which the student
previously attended school, the student’s ability to interact in an English speaking
environment and the student's previous or class placement are among the general points
The school recovers the right to make all final decisions on student placement/admission.

Do you have entrance exams and/or interviews to get new admission?2023-04-12T19:04:30+00:00

Yes, Entrance exam and an interview will be conducted when

  • The applicant is applying for a place in the class from 1 the 12.
  • The applicant has special needs.
  • Submitted documents need to be clarified/verified
How do I apply for new admission?2023-04-12T19:02:52+00:00

Fill in the application form on our open Apply platform to begin the admissions process.

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