For good physical fitness and strength, sport is an intergral part of any school and so is ours.

A positive attitude, the passion and Zeal  to do better and  to accept losses without giving up  are the qualities  of a real sportsperson. And  hence  our school “ Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya” considers in building an ambience for the students to learn new games, participate and in cel in the area. Physical education   is a fundamental part of the school curriculum which helps in felicitating co-ordination, discipline, self-confidence and winning spirit among the students.

Every alternate year, the school organizes ‘Annual Sports Day’ that provides an opportunity for  the students to compete j with each other in respective fields, and at the end, winners are selected who are honoured with certificates and medals.

Same sports activities organized by the school includes :-

  • Athletics
  • Kabbaddi
  • Cricket
  • volleyball