The logo of Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya stands for the eternal and ultimate universal knowledge contained in the vedas. The four blue blocks which signify the four vedas – the Rig, Sama, Yaju and Atharva symbolise knowledge and wisdom and the sun symbolises power. The logo thus synthesis knowledge, wisdom & Power. The part of Gayatri Mantra ‘Dhiyo yonoh Pranchodayat’ is the invocation to god to enlighten ‘Dhi’ or Budhi.

“Where the child deserves the best education.” The SKV family always stand infront of students for their better future. We proudly say that our curriculum is different from others that makes us brand of best education providers.

Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya is committed learning, enlightment and the wisdom where the school faculty and the staff ensure to provide a care-oriented environment for the students to manifest education with special features –

• Highly qualified and well experienced faculties
• Varied subject combinations.
• Complete scrutiny of attendance.
• Multilevel teaching with respect to slow learners.
• Prepare the parallelly for Board examination & IIT-JEE/NEET/CEE.
• Series od exams are conducted for achieveing perfection.
• Individual counselling services will be provided regarding health, stress, studies and time management.
• Parents will be regularly contacted regarding their wards academic performance.