Science Lab

Our School provides a fully equipped laboratory of Physics ,Chemistry and Biology and is maintained as per the CBSE rules and regulations .

Our Science labs allows students to gain hands an experience of what they learn in the classroom. Throughout the course of every unit ,we ensure that students get an opportunity for practical work in the lab in all three science subjects Physics ,Chemistry and Biology .

Maths Lab

Maths Lab is all about learning, verifying and visualizing mathematical concepts in a ‘fun’ way through educational aids, interactive tools, manipulative, computer interface and guidance from teachers. It inspires

out of the box thinking and provides an opportunity to explore the valuable knowledge with classmates.

We feel that we can contribute to this process

by changing the way we teach in class. One needs to get away from conception that mathematics is mere collection of rules for operations like addition, subtraction and an array of formulae. Rather it should be seen as a

way of thinking, modeling and reasoning of what is real.

Computer Lab

          The computer laboratory at Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya is fully equipped with advanced technology and computing with internet facility .Computer classes  are allotted section wise where students can access the labs and learn the use of computers. Well designed and separate computer labs for both junior and senior students ,run by highly educated and qualified teachers with one on one access. The computer labs cater to the computational and staff. The school provides information technology knowledge to students right from class -I onwards.