General Rules

Every pupil shall attend the school regularly. 80% of the students attendance is compulsory.

Leave of absence may be granted on prior notice or for bonafide reason.

Note from parents / Guardian is necessary if the pupil is not able to attend the school for a day or even a part of the day.

Students are required to speak in english in the school premises.

Boys should have short hair cut. Girls should wear ponytails if they have shoulder hair. For long hairs plaite is required. Hairbands, ribbons etc. should be white in colour.

Students are not permitted to use any of these like – Smart watch, cell phones, pen drive, camera, I pad, MP3. If mentioned item found from the student will be seized immediately.

Valuable / jewellery will not be allowed in school premises. Girls may wear one pair of ear studs only. School will not be responsible for any loss of such items.

Student are required to wear should uniform daily a mentioned in the Almanac. Variations in shades and color will not be permitted.

Cleanliness, discipline and punctuality is accepted from the students.

No nail polishes, long nails, tattoos, eye – liner, lipsticks are allowed in the school premises. Violation of the rules will be subjected to strict actions.

Parents guardians are requested to drop their wards in the main gate before 08.40 am. No students will be allowed to enter the school premises after 08.45 am.

Parents can meet the teachers and principal only after school departure on working days.