The examination has an important role in the process of learning in the whole educational institution. Exams and tests are great ways to assess what the students have learnt with regard to any particular subject. Strengths and weaknesses can also be assessed through exams. The exam develops confidence which shapes a student’s personality as hard-working.

During exam time, students become conscious of their exam performance and they do hard work and try to give the best performance.

This will give them all the chance to ensure that they are able to achieve the best of their abilities in class, thereby helping them in the future.

Note: From 2014 to 2017: CCE (Continuous and  comprehensive evaluation)

From 2018 till date: Our school is conducting the following examinations:

(i)Pre-mid examination


(iii)Post-mid and

(iv)Annual examination(From classes 1 to 9)

For class :X :Pre-Board-1 &  Pre-Board-2

From 2023-24 onwards: Our school will be following the pattern as per the guidelines of NEP 2020.